Ray & Anita said “I do” on a gorgeous spring day in May! Friends and family gathered from all across the states to join the happy couple as they became Mr.  & Mrs. The ceremony and reception were held at Ray & Anita’s little piece of paradise in Loudon, TN (Little Sparrow Farm). The day could not have been any more perfect!2016-05-26_00042016-05-26_00452016-05-26_0044

Anita’s son, Brandon, walked her down the aisle while local Knoxville band, Pale Root sang Chris Stapleton’s “More of You”. It was no surprise that lots of happy tears were shed on their wedding day, including many of my own! 2016-05-26_00222016-05-26_00242016-05-26_0016

The couple was married by the grooms life-long friend and cousin, Josh aka “Redbeard”. The ceremony was beautiful, Redbeard moved the guests with his presentation of what a marriage really is. Ray & Anita exchanged their hand written vows to each other under a large vintage chandelier.2016-05-26_00272016-05-26_00282016-05-26_00312016-05-26_00322016-05-26_00332016-05-26_00342016-05-26_0036

Their dog, Luna was part of the wedding too! It was almost like she had practiced and knew exactly when she needed to walk down the aisle.2016-05-26_00072016-05-26_0025

The couple envisioned a relaxed atmosphere where lines would blur between family, friends & co-workers. They wanted guests to leave and say “it was a great time to remember.”2016-05-26_00392016-05-26_00482016-05-26_00502016-05-26_00032016-05-26_00062016-05-26_0056


The wedding was a healthy mix of shabby chic/ bohemian / prohibition setting. There was an abundance of tasty artisan foods prepared by the bride & grooms family & friends, handcrafted cocktails and regionally outsourced craft beer.2016-05-26_00402016-05-26_00422016-05-26_00462016-05-26_00472016-05-26_0055

Décor included many vintage images with tones of grass green, shades of white, gold and wood with a focal point being a large vintage chandelier, beautiful peonies and a vintage trike. 2016-05-26_00012016-05-26_00022016-05-26_00082016-05-27_00362016-05-26_0013

Anita is extremely crafty and created many of the wedding décor herself! When we first talked about wedding photos, I got overly excited. There was no doubt in my mind that this wedding would be everything! She’s beyond talented! Take a look at the grooms/groomsmen feather bow ties, wedding cake, her bouquet, Kaylee’s bouquet and did I mention HER WEDDING DRESS!


Handmade by the bride, this lemon cake with blackberry preserve filling and buttercream frosting was one of the best I have ever tasted! Not to mention, it was gorgeous!2016-05-26_00102016-05-26_0011

Also hand-made by the bride, a fresh peony bouquet embellished with a vintage crystal honeybee pin. The pin was in honor of her father who raised bees. She received the fresh peonies from a newly found elderly friend’s garden and created the bouquet to perfection!

2016-05-27_0033Anita had a vision of what she wanted her wedding dress to look like but could not find it so she decided to create her own! I’m blown away by her talent!2016-05-26_00052016-05-26_00122016-05-27_0010

This wasn’t just a wedding day celebrating two individuals, but a joyful coming together of two families.2016-05-27_00132016-05-26_00622016-05-26_00652016-05-26_00662016-05-27_00012016-05-27_00022016-05-27_00062016-05-27_00122016-05-26_00532016-05-26_0051

Ray & Anita, it was an inexpressible joy to spend the day capturing the beginnings of your next adventure together! Ray, you have always been such a positive role model in my life and I am so thankful that you have found such an amazing woman to call your wife! You both deserve all the happiness the world has to offer! I admire the relationship the two of you have and I know I speak for our entire family when I say we are honored to welcome Anita, Kaylee & Brandon into our family!

2016-05-21_00012016-05-21_00022016-05-26_00572016-05-26_00582016-05-26_00592016-05-26_00602016-05-26_00612016-05-26_00632016-05-26_00642016-05-27_00032016-05-27_00042016-05-27_00052016-05-27_00072016-05-27_00082016-05-27_00092016-05-27_00162016-05-27_00172016-05-27_00182016-05-27_00192016-05-27_00202016-05-27_00212016-05-27_00222016-05-27_00232016-05-27_00242016-05-27_00252016-05-27_00262016-05-27_00272016-05-27_00282016-05-27_00292016-05-27_00302016-05-27_00312016-05-27_00322016-05-27_0035After the ceremony, everyone gathered around for a group photo to celebrate Ray & Anita PHILLIPS!!!! Cheers!


VIEW MORE IMAGES FROM THEIR WEDDING DAY HERE: http://britaniedwardsphotography.pixieset.com/rayanitaknoxvilletennessebritaniedwardsphotography/

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